J. & E. LeGlatin, Manuel, Robert Varlez, WREK

Strong personalities…

The main exhibition for this edition presents the works, methods and habits of 4 authors/collectives of contemporary comic art. 

This space treats different themes, such as obsession, movement, code language, style, gestures, printing methods and in situ work. 


How do these authors relate to their medium and how do they show it to their audience? By opening up to the works that compose this exhibition, you might find the answers to those questions. The main goal is to experience a first encounter with these artworks.


J. & E. LeGlatin : 






Robert Varlez: 










This exhibition took place at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles during the 2016 edition of the festival.


Doublebob was born, as far as we know, just once, in 1981 in Albi. He followed the applied arts course and made a brief appearance at the university, and adding two years at the Fine Arts Academy of Poitiers still didn’t bring him closer to finding his way. In 2008, he entered the Frémok-circle, through the secret door of ‘l’ExpérienceAlice’. His first book, ‘Le chat n’a pas de bouche vous aime beaucoup’ was quickly followed by ‘Sous-Sols’ and ‘La crâne rouge’, an outsider-comic in collaboration with Nicole Claude during his residency at ‘La «S» Grand Atelier’.


Deze tentoonstelling werd gehouden in het Huis van Culturen van Sint-Gillis in de editie 2016 van het festival.

Thomas Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert, born in 1983, starts his career as a comic author in 2009, with the first album of Oklahoma boy and Bjorn le Morphir. Wether he works on youth literature with scenario writers or on his own personal projects, in which he takes full control, his main focus is on storytelling.

Thomas searches for a closer connection with his readers, by sharing his own emotions and energy in his albums. He works, together with other authors, in the Brussels based Atelier Mille.

He will present his new book, "Sauvage, ou la sagesse des pierres”, edited at Vide Cocagne, in an original exposition, specially conceived for Cultures Maison. 


This exhibition took place at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles during the 2016 edition of the festival.


Philippe Capart

The animator of 'La Crypte Tonique' introduces the artists.